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Nine Sapiens©:

What for?

Nine Sapiens© is a powerful and intuitive model, whose goal is to help us develop a deeper understanding of who we are; a more tolerant and compassionate view of other people, a healthier emotional life, a clearer perception of the world around us, and a more flexible behavioral repertoire, free from our own tendencies and fixations.

More specifically, this model allows us:

  • To look "within" ourselves more clearly, by naming experiences that we have never been totally aware of and that, nevertheless, we will recognize as very familiar.

  • To understand the biological mechanisms and hereditary components of our personality type, underlying our most recurrent strategies and spontaneous reactions. To understand why we do what we do.

  • To identify a clear and realistic path to develop ourselves, specific to our own profile of strengths and opportunities.

  • To distinguish those aspects of ourselves that we will not be able to change - and that we will need to learn how to manage-; from those that we can modify, enrich or make more flexible through practice.

  • To discover the unique and distinctive contribution of each personality type to the evolutionary success of our species.

  • To better understand the behavior of others, grow in tolerance and nurture trust in our relationships.


  • To acquire a powerful tool to enable other people’s development.


Finally, all of our programs are based on the assumption that there is no development without self-awareness.  There is no shortcut. It is always the first step.

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