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Why base on the Enneagram?

The Enneagram, used as a personality model, has a much more scientific origin than is often recognized.  The author who first formulated it as a typology was Claudio Naranjo, a psychiatrist who was trained at Berkeley and Harvard, and who collaborated with the most advanced researchers of his time in the study of personality. The central elements of the enneagram model; that is to say, the existence of the nine types as a network of traits, motivations and behaviors, has been supported by a growing body of scientific evidence (Sutton, 2007).


Our theoretical building is based on, or informed by scientific evidence.

Our conviction is that we have created a simpler, deeper and more actionable approach, that will enable those who want to become better leaders, to create teams with a foundation of trust, to develop a deeper understanding as Coaches, or simply to grow as individuals, integrating previously unknown areas of their own self.

We invite you to discover NINE Sapiens.

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