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Nine Sapiens© certification for professional use

This program is aimed at professionals interested in applying the Nine Sapiens © model in the field of their professional practice.


To be accredited, participants shouldcomplete the course:

  • Introduction to the Nine Sapiens © Model (18 hrs, live online)


Plus one of the following, depending on their area of interest:

  • Nine Sapiens in the Organization (16 hrs, live online); or

  • Nine Sapiens & Strategies for People Development (16 hrs, live online).


Additionally they should complete:

  • Tools for Self-Awareness, including group and individual coaching sessions (8 hrs)

  • Supervised Practice in the Application of the Model (12 hours of tutoring).


Participants who complete the entire program will become accredited to use the model in professional capacity.​

Download PDF of Certification Program

in Spanish or English:

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