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Nine Sapiens©

and Strategies for

People Development 

This module is aimed at "people who develop people": coaches, psychotherapists, Human Resources professionals, consultants, or anyone interested in driving their own development.


Participants of this module will learn how to:

  • Apply the Nine Sapiens model© as a development tool.

  • Design a development plan, according to good practices based on advances in psychology and neurobiology.

  • Practice methodologies to recognize their client's personality type and guide them in this process of discovery.

  • Identify "critical practices" that are transformative for each type of personality.

  • Apply this knowledge to actual case analysis.

  • Manage the influence of their own personality type on their practice as development professionals.


To participate in this program you will need to have completed the module: Nine Sapiens©: Introduction to the Model.

Participation of this module is conducive to the Nine Sapiens certification program© for professional use.

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